Siport21 studies safety conditions during towing and installation of support structures for offshore wind turbines

During the 8th Technical Meeting of the Marine Renewable Energy Working Group, the port-maritime consultancy company, Siport21, has presented the “Methodology of the hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis of fixed and floating structures for the offshore wind industry”. This methodology allows to study the safety conditions during the transport operations and the installation of the support structures for offshore wind turbines.

This work is based on a dynamic analysis of gravity-based structures and floating supports for offshore wind turbines or auxiliary structures. For their development, different tools were used capable to simulate the behaviour of floating, moored, towed or anchored structures, under the effect of different combinations of wind, waves and currents. Analysis criteria of Classification Societies (DNV-GL, Lloyd’s, ABS,…) were used for the assessment.

From these analysis, it was possible to elaborate operation, towing and installation procedures and emergency plans which can be optimized according to meteorological, operational and survival criteria. Also, this methodology allows to optimize the turbine operation, improve the geometry of the support structure and avoid traffic interferences in the area using manoeuvre simulation tools.

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