Siport21 will take part in the Working Group of PIANC “Development of a Proposal of Inland Waterway Classification for South America”

During the SMART RIVERS’17 Conference in Pittsburg (USA), the kick-off meeting of Working Group 201 of PIANC took place. The objective is to develop a proposal of Inland Waterway Classification for South America. This group was born from the joint of Inland Navigation Commission (InCom) and Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC).

South America has to take full advantage of its extensive system of naturally navigable waterways or integrate them into the region’s transport network to cater for the ever-increasing demand for cargo and human mobility.

The main objective is to develop a proposal and implementation strategy for a common supra-national inland waterway classification for South America, combining the knowledge of ECLAC and PIANC and drawing on the experience of other regions of the world.

The WG will provide a forum for technical meetings between South American experts and other international experts and collect and analyze information and data on inland waterways characteristics, fleet, intensity of traffic and other relevant factors for the elaboration of technical and operation parameters. Also, it will formulate an advanced draft of the technical and operation parameters for the classification to be presented to the countries of the region.

The group collects representatives from 10 countries belonging to CEPAL and 16 countries members of PIANC. Spain is among them, represented by Siport21 and another Spanish engineering company. The maritime and port consultancy company has been selected based on their previous experience in inland waterways, such as the Port of Seville (Spain), LNG traffic studies in River Plate and Paraná (Argentina), navigability studies in German rivers or in the Danube and Barranquilla (Colombia).

Nowadays Siport21 is part of other PIANC Working Groups: “Design Guidelines for Inland Waterways”, “Ship Handling Simulation Dedicated to Channel and Harbour Design”, “Berthing Velocities and Fender Design”, “Interaction between Offshore Wind Farms and Maritime Navigation” and “Mooring of Large Ships at Quay Walls”.

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