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During the MARSIM Conference, organized by International Marine Simulator Forum, held in Halifax (Canada), Siport21 has presented a study about the influence of wave drift forces coefficients in the assessment of operational limits of a port. Nowadays, Ports and Terminals Operators want to increase access operational limits and for that reason wave limits are increasing […]

Siport21 has participated in the elaboration of report “Interaction Between Offshore Wind Farms and Maritime Navigation”, published by PIANC (International Navigation Association) recently. This report provides an approach, guidelines and recommendations to assess the required manoeuvring space for ships in the vicinity of offshore wind farms (OWF) and the minimum recommended distance between shipping lanes […]

In March, Javier Molina has joined the board of directors of the port and maritime company, Siport21. He has been appointed as Business Development Director. Molina is a naval architect graduated from Polytechnic University of Madrid and Executive Master on Economy and Business Administration from IESE Business School. He provides 28 years experience in multiple […]

Since it was established, more than 1.300 seafarers have been trained in Siport21 Real-Time Ship Simulation Center, highlighting 963 Captains or Chief Officers of international shipping companies and 311 Pilots. All of them have attended Training Programs or participated in port facilities projects in collaboration with the company. Nearly 1.000 Captains or Chief Officers belong […]

The company Siport21 has presented, in the International Ports, Waterways, Multimodal Transport and Foreign Commerce Conference in Buenos Aires (Argentina), a paper about inland waterways dimensions and their classification. It is a summary based on the research of two PIANC working groups. Working Group 141 “Design Guidelines for Inland Waterway Dimensions” has the aim to […]

During the 5th National Conference on R&D in Defence and Security, held at the Spanish Infantry Academy in Toledo, Siport21 has presented the project “Prediction System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles on Naval Platforms”, carried out for the Ministry of Defence. This project had the goal of predict the vessel movements in enough advance, so the […]

Siport21 designs manoeuvring areas using Real-Time Ship Manoeuvring Simulator and involving multidisciplinary teams and the Change Management of the most relevant factors in the operation of the Port. This methodology is continuously applied to their projects and it has been presented this morning in the Young Professionals Meeting of the Ports and Coastal Technical Association […]

The port-maritime engineering company, Siport21, has presented a paper called “State of Art of LNG Bunkering”, collecting the main guidelines about Liquified Natural Gas bunkering operations in Spain and internationally. In the last years, new necessities and regulations have been developed to promote LNG as a fuel in maritime transport. For this reason, a new […]

During the SMART RIVERS’17 Conference in Pittsburg (USA), the kick-off meeting of Working Group 201 of PIANC took place. The objective is to develop a proposal of Inland Waterway Classification for South America. This group was born from the joint of Inland Navigation Commission (InCom) and Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC). […]

During the 8th Technical Meeting of the Marine Renewable Energy Working Group, the port-maritime consultancy company, Siport21, has presented the “Methodology of the hydrostatic and hydrodynamic analysis of fixed and floating structures for the offshore wind industry”. This methodology allows to study the safety conditions during the transport operations and the installation of the support […]

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